Munich City Tour

Though the city of Munich is mainly associated with Octoberfest we can prove that this amazing place has much more to offer. However, not only the Alps and the Catsle of Ludwig II interest people making them want to visit Munich.

The city is a quintessence of Bavarian art, finance, culture, education, business and due to it’s picturesque localisation – tourism. Well, Munich is very interesting place and it really surprises with facts that little people know! Do you know, the Munich main park called Englischer Garten is even larger then Central Park in New York City?! It is truly impressive place.

It interests lots of people from all over the world. No wonder since the city is the most important student destination and just here in Munich there is located the famous Ludwig-Maximillian-Universitat – the largest university in Germany.

But of course there are much more aspects that make people want to visit this place. Every October there is held the greatest folksy festival in the world – Octoberfest. This one event gathers over 6 million beer lovers every year. Regarding the city architecture, it is truly impressive. Obviously, the government has already introduced a ban on building objects that higher then 99 metres. This is due to protect the city’s beautiful antique architecture that would be covered with the new skyscrapers. Certainly, the city is well-managed and it really impresses.

With Alp Airport Transfer you can take this wonderful run the city tour by comfortable double-decker bus. This 3 hour-long trip.


  • visiting the Main Station
  • walking along the picturesque city centre
  • visiting the antique Opera
  • lunch in Olympia Park
  • hanging out at the Local Food Market
  • walk through the English Garden
  • You can book the tour online by our 24/7 online system or call our CS.

All fuel costs and parking fees included.


View over the city of Munich, 2013
View over the city of Munich, 2013